weaving imagination

Poetry brings within its compass everything nature, weather, beasts, beauties, and every realm of imagination. Though not everyone is a Shakespeare or a Milton, I believe, everyone has a poetic mind, a penchant for rhyme and rhythm – it’s only a matter of time before it manifests in one form or the other.

Poets are the architects of beauty and melody, expressed so eloquently through their beautiful verses. A poet weaves magic and makes the world gaze and wonder. Poets have been deemed eccentric and escapists. However, the likes of William Butler Yeats, John Milton and William Shakespeare and every poet have proven that no one can portray as vivid a picture of life as they can.

 The penchant for poetry is ubiquitous and it is in built in all of us humans to imagine and to express. Robert Fulton, while sitting by the serene Hudson River, first dreamt of a steamboat whizzing off in the calm water, before chiseling his dream into steel and wood. In fact, many scientific inventions that we bring to use these days were first crafted in the heads of their creators. How different are they from the poets, then? Aren’t they too the creators of beautiful dreams that might someday be realized? A poet churns out beautiful verses in his head, an inventor equally stunning possibilities. The poet, the dreamer, the imagination points it out to the scientists and logicians, “this is the future” as they provide the blueprint for the glorious new inventions and discoveries.

The greatest poet of all is Nature. The manner in which it lifts people out of the mundane world into a glorious realm of endless possibilities, untold beauty is pure magic!

14 thoughts on “weaving imagination

  1. albert says:

    Didn’t know that about butterflies and luck. In fact I’m not sure what luck is. I like the word “blessing” better. I felt blessed as I read your reflection just now.

    Also I hadn’t thought about the connection between scientific and poetic imaginations. I like that! And the two lovely photographs. Hopeful.

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    • Srijana says:

      I always think any thing a person does while doing the best of his or her ability and doing so gets the desired result That for me It’s luck.My father told me when I got really sick that butterflies are good luck and I believed him when you are drowning even the support of a small a stick is welcome and when I became well enough the internet told me It’s true some cultures believe butterflies bring luck.
      Thank you☺

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  2. Charlotte Poetschner says:

    poiesis — the form from the Greek. To bring something into being that didn’t exist before. Poems, poetry. To make. To create.
    You caught the wideness of the word. And, yes, since we are all creators of something, we are all poets. Still, like you, nature inspires the deepest soul songs.
    I got lucky…or blessed…when I married a man with a Germanic last name. In English, it’s spelled Poetschner. But sometimes, for fun, I just borrow the first part.
    On some sites I show up as C. D. Poets.
    Thank you, by the way, for visiting FollowYourDog. Some day I will revive it.
    Right now, my conscience requires that I write TrumpvJesus, which, as I know, may not be to everyone’s taste.
    But I do thank you, Srijana, from the bottom of my heart. I’m still learning how to do the web pages without being able to see them. It sometimes takes me a long time to do the simplest things.
    Your encouragement means something to me. And your spirit shines in the several posts I have read. So far, I like this one best.

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  3. Srijana says:

    Looking forward to reading trump vs jesus we all have own demons to fight you are winning yours and everyday emerging victorious Thank you for visiting and writing Thank you


  4. samba2017 says:

    Nature is definitely the best poet out there!Thanks for sharing. The poem on my poetry blog is about creativity today in case you have time to look? Wishing you an inventive afternoon! Sam 🙂


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