i belive but do you?


I believe in Fairy-tales, on fairies, on magic on monsters………………….

I am naive you may think, not accepting reality. I think so too! how dare I believe in something totally spun out of imagination. They for sure are children stories and I am an adult, how ridiculous would it be if a twenty-year-old told you they still believe in Santa wholeheartedly despite knowing the truth since he was 3 yrs old.

And like that stupid adult, I close my eyes every night thinking, not trying nonetheless hoping a little, a real fairy would show up in my dream tonight. She then would fulfill all my wishes for like a Genie she wouldn’t have a limited quota of three and live forever with me. Wouldn’t that just be wonderful!

I know I sound so stupid but the same thought crosses my mind over and over and accompanying it always is a big bold flashing WARNING sign.

Sometimes I forcefully stop myself from thinking about fairies but that moment of thoughtlessness lasts for only a few seconds. It is said if you stop yourself from thinking for a moment, more thoughts rush in. True!

I don’t know when I fall asleep and five minutes later my alarm rings, open my eyes and BEHOLD! It’s already morning. I’ve never experienced another instance where or when 7 hours fly by so quickly. Sadly no fairy dream, not even a glimpse nevertheless I am a dreamer and “dreamers are not quitters”.

My belief my dreams also extend to daylight, dreams don’t require eyes to be closed.

Any task I do particularly the hard stuff like the exam I am appearing for but have done almost no studying for, sometimes the easy kinds of stuff too like hammering a nail and impossible wishes like changing the color of my eyes; I wish by the turn of her magic wand all things would be done! I wouldn’t even have to get up

My dream is so pretty I sometimes wonder why even bother to return to reality  …….maybe they are just a fairy dreaming through my eyes who knows but there’s one thing I know for sure “I believe in fairy tales, on fairies, on magic, on monsters……………” oh! and also on wizards.


28 thoughts on “i belive but do you?

  1. Butterwings176 says:

    Thats was extremely beautiful. I didnt want it to end. As an adult i too still am very crazy about DC and marvel. I mean i’d be ready anyday to watch the series of Tom and Jerry or even ice age part 10. I strongly believe in never letting go of what keeps the child in you alive. I still wish for a genie. Its a genuine yet an innocent thought. Looking forward to more from you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. d i l i p says:

    I follow a lot of writers here in WPress because they do something so beautifully that I fail miserably at – writing! You have a beautiful blog and I love the simplicity of your language. Keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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