The Hiprocacy of judgement

“But you don’t look disabled.”

Both baba and I stared with an apparent look of surprise, disbelief, and sadness at him I was shocked with loss of words and baba was quiet too. Some people think saying nothing is a sign of approval, he did the mistake too as he launched into the topic of “well-meaning” advice as I controlled my angry tears from falling.

The person in question is a disability rights activist working in the area for the betterment and upholding the rights of the people with disabilities. It was just an informal meeting he had actually come to meet baba so it was just a chance meeting with him I did not look to him to validate my life but of all people I was confident he would fully understand but he just decided to interrogate me as a criminal and forgot the pain of not being understood.

I have an invisible disability, yes I can walk for limited distance before I have to without option take the help of my disability aid “my walking stick” also there are a long list of things I can’t do because my body won’t allow, writing for a long without rest is one of the things. On top it all to emotionally drain me I don’t have a diagnosis just a list of probable causes. Without a definite name to refer to or a visible impairment to see no one should recognize yet surprisingly many people acknowledge my disability. However, nobody had ever insisted that I don’t have a disability this was a big blow to me especially now since I was just taking my first steps to accepting my disability as a part of my life which is a tough job once you’ve lived the life before it.

About him. He has polio so he uses a prosthetic leg and surprisingly I can’t see it because its hidden in the fabric of his pant, his gait is normal he came riding a motorbike himself and uses no disability aids.

I think we as humans see our own things as superior be it nation or culture and of all things even pain and disability, we are always ready to judge others harshly on the criteria that only we see apt.We only see ourselves and label deviations from it as not true why?

I claimed again and again loudly the truth of my life and so did baba only to be dismissed for he was adamant in his judgment all I needed he said was exercise and a good doctor. What a false notion we have that everything can be solved by doctors, medicine, and exercise. Some people suffer from a superiority complex, he is a person with the disability he certainly has seen and suffered a lot but that does make him the encyclopedia of disabilities.When you pass judgment according to your own laws when you are the judge and also the jury you will always incarcerate others as liars.

Remember how vast the ocean is while you many see calm somewhere there may be a storm brewing elsewhere.So is a person with immeasurable depth in the fold of character, memory, and soul.Never judge a person by just by their smile, freeness, quietness or clothes etc; maybe that’s their only line of defense they have developed rather than explaining to people who have already passed their judgment


disability, noun.

a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities.

“children with severe physical disabilities”

synonyms: condition, disorder, affliction, ailment, complaint, illness, malady, disease; 


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