of promise and posts

When I began writing here I promised myself I will write and post once every week but the past couple of months I haven’t upheld my own word. I wouldn’t be telling a lie if the reason asked for the late post would be one of the following. 

  • There were guests in my house so I pretty busy. 
  • I had to get a lot of documentation ready so it was Search, search and more search.

(A person can have happy delusion…right)

However to speak truthfully I have no reason at all I just occupied my mind on the outcome of something I very much wanted and worked hard towards but on the outcome  itself I had no power I thought and obsessed over it; in a nutshell I prisoned myself in the continuous nightmare of three months and the worst part is I knew I had to write but just couldn’t make myself do it along with many things I wished to . The wise say acceptance is always the first step for a better self.

When we promise ourselves to do something or better ourselves we make a contract to ourselves of tomorrow. When we can rely on our own word, we learn to weed out the actions that prevent us from being the best version of our self. That is precisely what makes it easy to break the habit of excuse-making and procrastination and in this case saying sorry to all of you for what I didn’t do for myself.

 Quoting a few words that one levelheaded person shared with me;

There Were Five Frogs Sitting On Top Of A High Wall Four Decided To Jump. How Many Frog Left?


  Some of you said “one”, I did too. Some of you said “five”



The worst promise you can break is the promise you made to yourself.One thing I do know about making promises to myself is to be gentle when I don’t quite live up to my words. In other words, no berating myself for moving two steps forward and one step backward as I pursue on with good intentions for we don’t know what the future holds except our present state.  

12 thoughts on “of promise and posts

  1. albert says:

    Not to worry. What you write is worth waiting for. Also, on the matter of word-thoughts, irregular arrivals are often better appreciated since they come as a surprise. I understand that routine may he good discipline, but if it’s at the expense of inspiration how good is it really?

    P.S. a contract with yourself can be amended easily since there are no outside parties to answer to. You just do a little internal negotiating and that’s it.

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    • Srijana says:

      Nicely said
      a contract is made after a lots of negotiations with self can’t waste all those hours of thinking easily for me it really need a huge undeniable majority to change😜

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  2. Xhorxhina Bami says:

    I can relate so much to this because I made that promise to myself as well and I actually had a challenge where I posted every day for 10 days so I would make myself write and eventually create a schedule. I guess life gets in the way.

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  3. kevinashton says:

    Lots of bloggers (me included) from time to time wish they could post more often or at more regular intervals but life and commitments get in the way.

    Don’t beat yourself up, just take a deep breath and remember blogging is like the journey of life. Sometimes you run for a while, sometimes you need to slow down and walk and other times we need to stop and admire the view, then sooner or later the journey continues……..


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