happy new year fireworks celebration

Happy new year

Hi, friends Namaste

Wish you all a very happy and a blessed new year.

oh! You must be thinking and even saying loudly it is already the fourth month of this year and now you are wishing how late a person can be..tch tch

Though I knew it I was reminded by google assistant that today is 14th April 2018 but then its also the First of Baishakh the first day of the year 2075. Today marks the dawn of Nepali New Year here we call our dates “ga-te” and 2017 dates “ta-rik”, Although Julian and Gregorian calendar months are accepted in Nepal, we mainly use Nepali Months or Bikram Sambat Months in Nepal. Our Nepali Calendar follows the 12 months of the Bikram Sambat from Baisakh to Chaitra. These months can have from 29 to 32 days. They do not align perfectly with the Julian calendar months. You now know that Baishak 1 is not January 1.

So, here are the Nepali months along with their corresponding English (Julian or Gregorian) calendar months 

Nepali  Months English  Months
      Baishakh April – May
Jestha May – June
Asar July – August
Shrawan August – September
Bhadau September – October
Aswin October – November
Kartik                                       November – December
Mansir December – January
Poush January – February
Magh February – March
Falgun March – April
Chaitra April – May

A new year means a whole new lot of opportunities. You have the chance to do better things in life. You can be the best version of yourself in a year.  I wish for you and your family to be able to let go of all the negative energy and to the best in all that you do. A very happy new year to all of my friends. And of course, have lots of fun and enjoy a lot and do not forget to smile every day because positive energy only attracts positive energy.

16 thoughts on “Happy new year

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  2. delphini510 says:

    Happy New Year to you Srijana. And I too believe in smiles and positive energy.
    I didn’t know about this difference in our cultures although I read some about Nepal and find it a fascinating place.
    May all your dreams come true


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