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The Queer journey of life


Life was simple then. There was no need to be happy or sad after all we were all just kids. Friendship knew no boundaries – rich, poor, caste, colour or disabilities. A mere rupee was not just a rupee but the cause of smiles worth millions. A building or a tree was just not what it seemed or intended for, maybe it was a haunted castle, a witch or an unconquerable mountain everything depended on how vast the imagination was. A rustle of the leaf could be the beginning of invention of horrific stories and proven facts would be mostly denied on a whim. Everything the grownups did was weird for they were stuck up weirdoes. Everything and every job were awesome, all was easy and attainable. There was no care; life was easy, fun for we were kids then unknown to what the future brings.

The passing of time transformed life. The kids were no longer carefree, but nearing adulthood filled with fears, ambitions, love and dreams of the future. As for the hurdles, only nature and time took its course. Friends changed as interest parted. The dark corridors were suddenly no longer scary. Love was in the air and so was defiance. Rules were broken as easily as they were made and heartbreaks just dropped in.

Nothing in life lasts forever. The age of fearlessness soon turned into the age of responsibility. Importance of education grew as never before. Career and strong financial footing outlived every relationship and suddenly money became the basis of who could be friends. A rupee was worth only a rupee, every rustle, every noise has logical explanations. Imagination died and proven facts were never denied. Rules were now made by you to be followed by others. The passage of time had made every word you knew take up new meanings. You had always thought to never be that adult you hated as a child, yet you became just another weird stuffy adult.

As mother earth continued in her yearly journey, old age was there and so were moments of misunderstandings, solitude and irritability. Irritation arising from the fact that while you were growing old the world had changed in leaps and bounds; before you could even grasp the cycle. What was a dream for your parents had become a compulsion for you, what is now compulsion for the youngsters is a dream just a dream for you? The time eventually comes for you to return to “dust thou art, to dust returnest” phenomenon.

Some die young, some live to die, some die to live and a few live on even after death. But is this all? If there is birth death is certain to come only difference is it comes soon for some for others it comes late. As humans, we may never want to accept this eventuality and delay ageing in every way but that does not change the truth, does it? We can only make a difference and live on even after our death by making a difference to the lives of others during our stay here on earth. Whatever you do at whatever age do it with deep thinking, humility, grace and always for the betterment of humanity. As H.W Longfellow says “not enjoyment, not sorrow is our destined end or way; but to act, that each tomorrow finds us better than today”.

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