Hi, all!

I am Srijana Kattel. I have an “acquired” disability which affects my “cerebellum” hence makes me take help of a walking stick apart from doing many things. Currently, am doing Masters in Sociology(update : masters over). English is not my language, so please free to point out any mistakes. My 40+ articles have been published in newspapers which I am told does not make me a published writer, is this something I should be worried about?

In all, I Srijana Kattel am an amateur writer, a dreamer and at times a realist, a work in progress, a lover, and learner of life.

I would really appreciate if you would like, comment, follow and share the blog.

” I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to better. -Frida Kahlo”

email: srijanawp@gmail.com

44 thoughts on “About

  1. albert says:

    So, Sirjana, where can we read some of your articles? And what did you mean that it will help you a lot if we read your blog? Is this part of your graduate program in sociology? I look forward to your future writings.

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    • Srijana says:

      It’s all on the internet I’llpost some the blog soon. I meant it will help me A lot if people read my blog because when people read they point out what they don’t agree and if they agree they often add more than what is written,which is wonderful as you Get to know so much more. 👌
      No it’s not a part of my program in sociology.I look forward to hearing a lot from you Albert no filter criticism and all 👍😊💗


      • albert says:

        I forgot to say, your writing is clear and pleasant to read. May I ask what is your first language? I’m too old to learn another one, but I love the idea. Maybe you could give a few simple lessons sometime? You know, things like hello, goodbye, thank you , what’s for lunch, say that again please, etc. (I’m kidding, but it is fun to try to see the world from another perspective. Language helps do that, as does travel.)

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        • Srijana says:

          Thank you Albert,my language is Nepali I am from Nepal.lessons gladly😊it’s a beautiful country and words fall short to describe it’s natural beauty you should try and visit Nepal💗👌


  2. restless-roots says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by our blog yesterday and giving it a like……..otherwise I probably wouldn’t have found yours……and that would have been my loss !
    You might have a disability……..but your mind is free and you have a beautiful way of expressing it…………stay strong and just be who you are and enjoy life the best you can……it’s too short to waste a minute 🙂

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  3. myloudbipolarwhispers says:

    I am very happy to nominate you for “The Versatile Blogger Award.” I nominated you because you are an awesome, amazing and inspiring person, and I love your blog. You are a very talented writer and I can relate to the words you write. I hope you will accept my nomination. I look forward to reading your response and learning more about you. Have a fabulous, happy and healthy day. Love, hugs and blessings always. Sue

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  4. myloudbipolarwhispers says:

    Your entire blog is awesome. It is very well written and I love it. I am very impressed with your blog, so I nominated you for “The Sunshine Blogger Award.” I hope you will accept and participate, because I would love to learn more about you. Plus, you deserve great praise for your writing and words and deserve to have many sunny, bright, happy, joyful and blessed days. Love, hugs and many blessings always, Sue. Here is the link to the “The Sunshine Blogger Award” post… https://wordpress.com/post/myloudbipolarwhispers.com/87421

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  5. authorsinspirations says:

    hi. I became blind in my early twenties. it was hard at the time, because i kept wanting it not to be true. but i have accepted it since, and whenever i find something difficult, i tell myself, i have this disability, but this disability doesn’t have me.

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  6. delphini510 says:

    Nice to meet you Srijana and interesting to get to know you. Nepal. Now that is a country I would love more inside information about. High among the mountains I believe.
    Thank you so much for visiting and liking on my blog today, made me want to know who you are. See your u soon again .


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